🌱 December 2023 (Retro and Planning)

If I hadn't sent you this email today, I'd have to pay $100 to Wikipedia.

This consequence keeps me accountable and is why I never missed an email so far.

You can use this technique, too: Putting money on the table will help you achieve your goals.

To do that, take a task that you just keep putting off. And then promise to a friend of yours “Either I do this task by that specific day, or I pay $100 to <a certain organization>.”

I call it the “Wikipedia Pact” because in my case the money would go directly to Wikipedia.

This is the power of accountability when money is at stake. Depending on how important the task is to you, you can increase or decrease the amount of money. The only thing you need for this is another person to objectively judge whether you completed the task (apart from the money, of course 😅).

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can replace Wikipedia with an organization you hate. I can assure you from a painful personal experience that the suffering of failing and paying is unbearable (which is why I’ll never fail again).

Try this out next month with a task you really want to get done, and see how far you get. On with the retro and planning!