Push and Pull Learning

I have recently encountered two different ways of learning.

Right now I’m trying to get into a new computer science subject. At first, my learning was shaped by a general feeling of having to do it, like running uphill. I had to push myself to learn.

Then something sparked my curiosity. The subject became interesting. Immediately, learning became effortless – it felt like I “had to do it” not because something forced me to, but because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Push learning became pull learning – wanting to learn as much as possible and pulling knowledge towards me.

From the outside, it’s quite obvious that intrinsic motivation is much more motivating than extrinsic motivation. But the question I’m now asking myself now is, how can I replicate this pull learning experience with any other subject? In other words, how can I move from “push learning” to “pull learning?”

I feel like there isn’t as much pull learning in our world as there should be. So join me this week exploring this, and find out how you can move towards pull learning. Have fun!