Self Affirmations: Low Effort, Huge Reward (June 2024 Retro and Planning)

Last week, we’ve talked about how our paradigms shape our world: The way you see the world largely determines what you experience.

I mentioned one thing that I want to expand on a bit because it worked so well for me – the subject of self-affirmations.

I've only spent a total of an hour on this in the last 5 years combined, but the impact on my life has been tremendous.

One "aha" moment I had with affirmations was when I realized that a paradigm of mine had unconsciously shifted. It was like when, after a long period of being sick and then gradually recovering, you suddenly realize that you're not sick anymore. This feels like something.

One of the affirmations I wrote for myself was about my appearance, namely "I am beautiful.”

Although I didn't think I looked bad, I didn't feel "beautiful" either. But after a longer period of reading the affirmation every day, this changed with an "aha" moment similar to the example above.

At first, reading and saying an affirmation out loud is extremely strange. It feels a little like lying to yourself. But after some time, this feeling diminishes and eventually it becomes the normal way of seeing yourself.

Today, I would like to encourage you to try it out for yourself. This is more of a long-term project, but one that takes only a little effort.

As I said last week, seeing is being. To change your behavior, first change the way you see the world - one step at a time.