About a year ago I met someone in his mid-thirties who looked like 25.

When I asked him for his secret, he told me that the one thing he always does is to avoid stress. He claimed that his stress-free life was the reason he still looked so young and felt so healthy.

Iā€™m not exactly sure what science has to say about this approach, but it seemed reasonable to me. [*]

Right now, I'm in a phase where I'm definitely feeling stressed ā€“ I just moved to a new apartment, and there are still so many things to do around here. Finding the time for this and juggling other responsibilities feels hard.

So, to help me think a bit more about my response to this situation, I made a list of questions, of which I'm sending you a few below. Whether you are currently feeling stressed or not, I think it might be valuable to take a bird's-eye view on this topic. Have fun šŸ¦œ